Never run out of McAdams again

Have your McAdams automatically re-order however frequently you need

How it works

  • Predefined Schedules

    On Repeat is available on most of our products. Simply select an item you’d like to place for repeat ordering and choose from a predefined schedule.

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  • Checkout as normal

    Add the product into your basket and checkout like normal. Your repeat order is contract free so there’s no need to feel committed and it can be cancelled at any time.

    You can click the Change Re-Order button in you basket if you need to edit your frequency before you order.

  • View and modify your On Repeat orders

    You’ll have complete control over your On Repeat orders. Giving you the flexibility to edit billing information, change delivery details, pause and cancel. You can also track your order history and see your next On Repeat date.

    Just visit your account section on the site and edit all your re-orders there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is On Repeat secure?

Yes! Firstly we don’t store your credit card data on our servers. At the point of your first order, your card data is sent and stored with Stripe, our PCI Level 1 compliant payment partner.

Is my card used to charge future transactions?

The short answer is No. We don’t use credit card details to bill subsequent On Repeat orders. Instead, we use last transaction information that Stripe stores on our behalf. Not retaining or using your credit card details keeps everything super safe.

Can I change my card details for my On Repeat order?

Yes, login to your account area and navigate to your payment methods tab where you can change add and remove credit and debit cards. You can then click on the Autoship tab to change the payment method on your order.

What happens if my credit card can’t be charged?

If the last transaction information can’t be charged your On Repeat order will go into a paused state. At this point, you’ll receive an email asking you to add a new card. Simply login and add a new card.

Why has my On Repeat order not been processed?

There are a number of reasons for not being processed. Three of the most common reasons are:

  • Your card has expired
  • There are not enough funds against the card to process the order
  • Your last On Repeat order has been cancelled, refunded or partially refunded

If this happens, you’re On Repeat order will be paused and we will email you. Simply add a new card to re-start On Repeat

Can my On Repeat order be paused?

Going on holiday or not quite finished your last order? No problem! You can pause and restart your On Repeat order at any point. Simply login to your account, navigate to your repeat orders and set them to pause.

Can my On Repeat order be amended or updated?

Absolutely! You can add to your repeat order at anytime. You can also change the On Repeat schedule or even have it processed immediately, handy if you’re running out a little early.

Can I cancel my On Repeat order?

You can cancel at any time. There are no contracts and you can simply login to your account on our website and cancel the On Repeat feature.

When will my On Repeat order be delivered?

We dispatch all orders received before 1pm for next working day delivery. Our couriers will text/email you with a 1 hour delivery slot which you can amend or change to suit you online.